March 09, 2005

Who can help me?

Could anybody help me solve this problem?

My English teacher(at school) told us that one of her friends who's an American said to her that we should use "drive" for scooter instead of "ride". "Americans use "drive" for everything with engine." he said. Is that right?

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  1. Oxford dictionary>>
    >Ride: journey on horseback, on a bicycle, etc or in a "public" transportation.(example: to go for a ride)
    *However, you shuld use "to go for a drive" in private owned car.

    American Heritage Dictionary>>
    >Ride: to be carried or convey/ transport(輸送)in a vehicle or on a horseback.
    Sentences in the dictionary:
    **The car rides well.
    **rode a motorcycle to town.
    **ride a horse to the village.
    **ride the highways.(上了高速公路)
    **waiting for her ride to come.(她等候自己的車子開來)
    Ride can be used on most of the vehicles including motorcycles. As a result, your teacher's friend seems unble to convince us that ride should be used on the vehicles without engines, unless the definition in the dictionary differs from the modern usage.