May 21, 2009

Buy or rent?

Since years ago it has been a craze in Taiwan that many people are riding bikes. They are doing this for various reasons. However, for the most part, they ride bikes either for keeping themselves in shape, for saving gasoline expenses on their vehicles, or the like.

craze 一時流行
various 各種不同的
for the most part 主要地
keep in shape 保持健康身材
gasoline expenses 汽油花費
vehicle 車輛
the like 等等

Speaking of myself, with the hope of following such a trend, I bought an inexpensive bike on the Internet about three years ago. I soon regretted buying such a cheap one. First, its parts get easily worn out so that I have to spend lots of money fixing it. Tires, brakes, for example, or some nuts and bolts, you name it, need to be replaced. Therefore, I told myself that if one day I was going to get another one, I would probably buy a very nice one, much nicer than the one I have now.

speaking of 提到
with the hope of 為了
trend 潮流
inexpensive 不貴的
regret 反悔
worn out 磨損
tire 輪胎
brake 剎車
nuts and bolts 零件
replace 替換

But soon I became schizophrenic and I had a different thought again. The thing is, I have seen some friends of mine who bought a nice set of wheels but have never committed their time to keeping them in good condition. Years after being ridden, those name-brand bikes turned into pieces of junk as well.

schizophrenic 不同想法; 精神分裂
had a different thought again 另外的想法
the thing is 事情是
set of wheels 腳踏車
commit time to 花時間去
ridden ride的過去式
name-brand 名牌的
turn into 變成
piece of junk 一片廢鐵

So, I think the better way to enjoy riding is why not go to the bike rental shop that is just right next to my apartment. Rent it for a few hours. Go for a spin, then return it. I will never get hung up about maintaining a bike.

rental shop 出租店
get hung up about 擔心
maintain 維護