September 25, 2012

Three's Company on Youtube

Oh holy moly, I just couldn't believe that I had found this video on Youtube. This is one of my favorite TV sitcoms I watched when I was a teenager. This program is still being replayed on American TV channels now. You should watch it because it will help you a lot with learning American culture and sense of humor. Bookmark them on Youtube now.

September 23, 2012

Weekend Travel Plan

I have made a two-day itinerary which is to take a long trip to the southern Taiwan this weekend by car. We'll be hitting the road on Saturday morning from Hsinchu, and hopefully everything along the trip is going to be fine and smooth. We are scheduled to arrive there by three o'clock in the afternoon, just right in the nick of time for the hotel check-in. We will be staying in Kenting for one night, and the next day we'll be going to some unknown towns in Pingtung such as Wan-Luan and Nei-Pu, where I used to serve in the military more than twenty years ago. Wow, I very much expect the tour to be one of the exciting ones I have ever made for the past ten years, during when I only focused on making money and no playing at all. Do I sound like a dull boy? At least my name is not Jack, haha!

September 16, 2012

Note for students

I left a message on one of the FB groups I created for my students. They are taking a test tomorrow.

Hello class. How was your weekend? I bet that you all had a great time, didn't you? Here I just want to remind you all that tomorrow night (Monday) will be the last class of the session. So there will be several things to run through before the end of the class. 

First, I'll give you a new phrase-of-the-week handout as usual, but we may not be going over it because of time restraint. 

Next, a paper test will be given. Don't worry so much, they are just multiple choice questions in regard of the phrases we have learned since the beginning of the session. And, it's an "OPEN BOOK" test, so bring your handouts to class if you can.

Finally, you will have to conduct an oral presentation. You decide the topic yourself, and it can be somewhere between three to five minutes long. I hope to see the content of your work with many things we learned before. Have you got it? Have you seen the light? OK. See you in class and good luck.

September 08, 2012

Shame on American Players

Every year, the young kids from all over the world play baseball together fun and clean in Williamsport USA. They believe that is the way baseball games must be like. However, later in Seoul Korea where the IBAF games are on, known as the World High School Baseball Championship, I see American players play a totally different way, extremely dirty just for winning each game. I wonder if we have seen double standards applied?