August 19, 2012

Little League Baseball

Be sure to get up early at 7 am tomorrow morning if you are a baseball fan. Chinese Taipei Little League players will be fighting against Japan then. Let's cheer for them! Of course you can cheer for the other team if you want. Have fun watching the game!

August 03, 2012

Walking on a flooded street.

My apartment is in the low-lying area at the seaside of Hsinchu. When a typhoon or torrential rain struck the city, I was always concerned that my car parked in the second basement might get flooded. 

In order not to be worried anymore this time, I decided to drive my car out of the apartment garage and park it outside the building. However, as the winds and the rain kept picking up, I found the street where I parked my car began to flood. Then I rushed to my car and move it to another higher place that was about half a mile from my apartment. I was really in luck this time because it was just a few inches away before water got into my car by the time I opened the car door. 

On my way back home, I waded in the water which was about as high as my knee. Frankly speaking, I had lived in lots of different places in my life before I moved to Hsinchu, this is my first time walking along flooded streets, and I also had to do it in a very careful manner to watch out if there was a big hole or something in front of me.