July 12, 2014

Hindi or English? The Politics of Language

Please read the news first...

Hindi or English? The Politics of Language

Personally I have strong disliking for Indians- I was cheated many times by them. However, this article draws my attention. Some stupid political figures are trying to make Hindi as their first official language rather than English. They might have forgotten the fact that Indians always have advantages communicating with western world- just because they speak English well. So I want to tell people that don't let the same thing happen again in Taiwan- Chinese Mandarin will be a prevailing language in the world sooner or later, so don't be as foolish as the Indians.

July 09, 2014

What a small world it is!

Today I ran into a student of mine again on my way home- this was the second time ever by the way. He used to take my TOEIC courses a long while ago, so it's history. By the time I saw him today, he was about to go jogging at the elementary school track near by. Since it had been a long time since we last met, I felt a bit excited seeing him again trying to chat more with him. What surprised me was that he said he had begun teaching at a university in Hsinchu, and then wait a second ... that is EXACTLY the same school that I will be teaching at this September. What a coincidence! What a small world! I told him that our relationship had changed from teacher-student to teacher- teacher. Wasn't that interesting?