March 19, 2005

Hard question, easy answer

I have been asked countless times about this:
How do I improve my English?
How come I can't write well?
Is there any faster way to learn English?
How can I know all the vocabulary I have read by heart?
Why can't I catch the meaning of conversation played in the CDs?
All in all, I don't think I am quite an eligible person to answer all the questions--I am a learner as well.
However, what I know is, if I don't give upon it, I will get myself improved little by little, each and every day.
The crash courses offered from the cram school can't fully guarantee you to the proficiency of the language, but you are always expected to get more interest in it. If they eventually works for you, it is a good start though.
Keep on the right track, my friends. Give yourselves some credit, and consequently you will be no longer afraid of it.

know something by heart 記下某事
crash courses 密集課程
cram school 補習班
on the right track 在正確的途徑
give someone credit 相信某人


  1. Yes,people always expected to improve English after the English crash courses. But.....we should do more practice. +u+u ^^

  2. Hi! Debbie,
    You will say, right?
    Take care..

    I'll say 我贊成(同意)
    You'll say 妳贊成(同意)