October 11, 2008

Try this way to help your kids learn a language

Since I have soaked up many different ideas on how to learn a language in a more cost-effective way, I recently found a good idea doing it on my own. My son, without question, has become the guinea pig in this experiment of mine. Here is what I do.

soaked up 吸收
cost-effective 省成本的
recently 最近地
without question 無疑問地
guinea pig 實驗鼠
experiment 實驗

First I write down something on a piece of scratch paper which I suppose my son may be interested in. For example, my family, my dog, my favorite music, and just to name a few. These topics as well as their contents must come very closely to the real things happened to my son. In fact, I don't want to play any English-learning CDs for my son because I know he won't be interested in them. I found them too unreal and too boring for him.

scratch paper 便條紙
suppose 假設,認為
to name a few 舉幾個例子

as well as 和
come very closely to 非常接近
in fact 事實上

Then I record the things I wrote into a music file format, say wav or mp3. And that's it. I burn the files into a CD and play it every night when my son goes to bed. There are not only English words in the CD but also translated words into Chinese after each word in English is read by me, so he can immediately get to know the meaning of each English word. I repeat the whole sentence again and again in both languages. Day after day I add different topics into the CD, so more and more new words and stories have been generated. More importantly to say, these stories are authentic things going around in his everyday life.

burn into 燒成
not only...but also... 不僅...而且...
translated into 翻譯成
immediately 立刻
get to 有機會去
repeat 重複
generate 產生
authentic 道地的

If you try doing the same thing as I did, you will find, your pronunciation skills in English is improved, your kid is more likely to listen to such an "English-learning" program done by no others but you. It's rewarding task to try. Believe me.

pronunciation 發音
improved 改進的
more likely to 有可能去
listen to 聽
rewarding 值得的
task 工作