July 28, 2011

Persona Update

It's been a long while since I last post my message here. Yes I have been tied up with a tight schedule these days. During the summer vacation most instructors are supposed to be much busier than usual. Though my life just simply revolves around my classes and family, I still wish for much more free time.

A couple of days ago my family and I drove down to Taichung to meet a friend there. When we were half way to our destination, all of a sudden my car started to tremble and soon it lost its power. I pulled it over to the shoulder thinking about what to do next. Luckily, the car was successfully started again after a few tries. So I hit the road and finally we got to the city and met our friend there. However, while we were touring the city, my car shook a few more times. Without thinking too much, I decided to get my car a check-up in case it broke down again. My friend happened to know a reliable mechanic who could help me with my car problems. Finally, the repair just set me back less than a thousand NT, and at least I didn't have to worry about getting in any trouble on our way back to Hsinchu.

July 10, 2011

Motiveless Learning

There is a girl at one of my classes who never seems to pay enough attention to my instructions. I have noticed since the first day she came to my class that most of the time she looks down at her cellphone, always looking busy fiddling with her phone by pressing the number keys without a stop. I guess she might be thinking that I didn't notice what she was doing, but unfortunately I did. I just feel sorry for her and her parents who must have paid a lot to send her here for language learning. If she does this in my class, she may do the same at others. So why waste time here if she doesn't like the class?

July 03, 2011

Thanks for the comments

Recently, I have got quite a few comments from friends to my classes. What I would like to say is; criticism or praise, that I really appreciate your help. I believe either way matters to me, and most of them will guide me to bettering my skills in helping people learn the language. Please keep on telling me what I should do to improve myself. Thank you so much.