February 17, 2007

Monthly Charges

I recently found that my bank had been continuously charging me 25 dollars each month.

recently 最近
continuously 不間斷地
charge 收費

I just couldn't believe what I saw as I was viewing my account information on the bank's Website. I rarely do the checking on my account since I believe there shouldn't be no problem with that. Normally most banks in the U.S. won't charge their clients if they have saved adequate amount of money, usually as much as several thousands dollars or more. Now I assume that the reason why I was charged by them is that the bank didn't recognize me having enough money saved in there. The truth is I do have enough money, however. In order to save myself out of trouble, I wrote the bank an email telling them what had been going wrong and requesting to get the extra charges back to me. So far I haven't received any answer yet. I hope the bummer can be sorted out smoothly and as soon as possible.

view 觀看
rarely 很少
adequate 適量的
assume 認為
recognize 辨認
request 要求
extra 額外的
receive 收到
bummer 令人不高興的事
sort out 解決

What's fun is that maybe I should take the complaint letter to my class and show it as a live example of business writing.

complaint 抱怨
live 活生生的

February 02, 2007

Harry Potter and English Reading

Dear friends:

Here I would like to make a pleasant announcement about English reading. My long-time friend Bruce Lin is going to open a few English reading activities in Taipei. He will be working with you on several issues including finding the beauty of English reading, acquisition of language, use of Harry Potter series, and so forth.

Bruce is not only a learned person but also an experienced teacher in teaching English. His techniques in the field has attracted countless students to his class. My advice for you is that you should not miss out his class, I am telling you. To get more information, please go to the following site:

Best wishes

Albert Chang