March 23, 2005

Dear Extensionists

Dear Extensionists,

Last week's article is very difficult. My thinking was: There are people who understand the article, why would I be the one who don't? Then I thought: Wouldn't it be nice if people can understand it?

Wouldn't it be nice if we can break out of the shell and enjoy the fresh air sometimes? Wouldn't it be nicer if we can ALWAYS have that fresh air?

Of course you will learn something from this English reading session. But I think learning something from it is less important -- a few weeks' learning means quite little. What matters more is whether you can keep your motors rolling, rolling, and rolling without being told from now on. Wanting to learn should be a human nature. Why are so many people losing that human trait?

The first two articles we read are entertaining. This week's article, Free the Children, is serious – it is about education. It is one of the most important short essays I have ever read. Let's read it together on Thursday.


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