August 23, 2011

Feeling bad now.

I was very disappointed with Taiwan team's lousy performance during LLB 2011 games. They could have done better but unfortunately didn't. This is the worse Chinese Taipei team I have ever seen before. In any case, there is always next year, isn't there?

August 20, 2011

A "Hao Wan" class

Checking out students' comments on me has been my on-line routine. It really makes me feel good seeing good comments, but if I see bad ones it really hurts me bad. However, here is one kind that I find very funny-- someone went like,"好玩,老師很用心." Does that mean my class is fun, easy to play, or what? I swear I've never meant to make my class a "好玩" class. Maybe he/ she just wants to say my class is fun. That really sounds encouraging to me because I always look upon myself as a serious guy. I am thankful to him/ her. No kidding.

August 18, 2011

LLB game, Chinese Taipei vs Mexico

Go Go Chinese Taipei!! My favorite baseball games are coming up again this summer. Taiwan team will get their first game vs. Mexico started tonight in just few more hours, at 1 am tomorrow morning to be exactly. If you are the fan of little league baseball, like I have been for thirty odd years, you mustn't miss it out. Let's cheer for Chinese Taipei!!! ... actually, this team is from Kaohsiung though. Whatever!

August 09, 2011

A lighting bug sighted!!

I was taking a walk this evening at the woodland across from my apartment. A lighting bug appeared just in front of me, floating gracefully in the air of the dark. This last time I saw a lighting bug has to date back to more than thirty five years ago in my hometown in Taipei. Back when there were no big crowds nor high rises and the air and the water in rivers were way much cleaner and purer than it is now. So maybe where I am living now becomes more suitable for lightning bugs, the little creature which is always picky for cleaner environment.

Wang's first game skid

This article comments on Wang's first game against Met after he has made his come-back to the Major league. People still remain a big hope on him. After the second game however, who knows if they are still confident with him any more...