March 26, 2012

Monthly Update

I am pleased to keep you all posted that I will be getting busy again for the months to come. At present I've only got nothing but plenty of free time at home every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday evening. And the good news is that a company in Zhu-Nan will offer me a chance to teach their employees language lessons possibly on Monday evening and Wednesday alike. And for the friends to Gjun School, let me make an early announcement here that I will make a come-back to you in early May. Therefore, I will be engaged again with so many new teaching jobs. It all sounds good to me, huh?

March 21, 2012

Getting old.

Tonight I learned from a student that I look much older than I was two years ago after she viewed the pictures of me here on this site. What she said is very true because as your children are growing up fast, you will find yourself aging in the twinkling of an eye. I am a father to a junior high school student after all.

March 05, 2012

An online fraud occurred to me.

Just got a phone call from a woman speaking with a strong Mainland accent in Mandarin. She claimed that she was one of the customer service representatives calling from Kingstone Bookstore. Then she asked me to confirm some information with me on the purchase I made weeks ago on their online bookstore. I soon realized this had to be some kind of Internet fraud. Next she asked me if I had ever ordered a book on their site and picked it up at Family Mart on a certain day. I didn't say yes but instead I just hung up on her because I didn't see the point of keeping the conversation going. However, I just wonder how and where she got my purchasing info. Was that the computer system at Kingstone's that got hacked or just the Family Mart? Hmm... that was weird ....