March 28, 2005

At my wit's end

From time to time when people got nothing in their mind to share with others, they are usually at their wit's end-- pretty similar to what I am up on right now.
All joking aside, though. Another thing I 'd like to say is, while I tried using the on-line ordering system to book a train ticket to Xinzhu for this coming Saturday, the tickets available were nonetheless all booked up. It occurred to that this coming weekend will be a hectic one for Tomb Sweeping Day. No wonder I couldn't get the ticket. Can anyone give me a lift? :)

at ones' wit's end 腸枯思竭
up on something 正從事某事
all joking aside 玩笑歸玩笑
nonetheless/ nevertheless 但是
it occurred to me 正好想到
Tomb Sweeping Day 清明節
give someone a lift 載一程

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