January 22, 2012

Where to get your car fixed?

F.I.Y. (For Your Reference)

If you live in Hsin-Chu city and don't know where to find a good mechanic to get your car fixed, here is good news for you. I recently found a nice mechanic near the train station. Mr. Yang has been running his garage for decades. He is a very in the know of all different car makers and models, new or old alike. I feel so secure when I turn my car to him becasue he can always find my car's problems and get it well done. His charges for the car repair are also reasonable. Since we have become friends, he sometimes imparts to me information and ideas about car maintenance . Through his recommendation, I've also known what kind of car I will be going to buy in the future. The key to his success in business is that he always treats his customers' cars as his own cars. Don't miss out on the chance to let him serve you as well as your car. Give him a call first for making an appointment for your car, you will believe what I said is all true. Below is the information of his garage:

Mr. Yang's (楊先生) address: 新竹市東大路一段89號。(Next to 東大overpass, across from the Hsinchu Girls' High)

Phone #: 03-522-3833 

Check his location on Google Map: 

January 15, 2012

Taiwan Election

Nothing Changed. After months of politically fighting against each other, the outcome of the election doesn't surprise me as much. The Pan-Blue and Pan-Green parties still remain 55-45 proportion. It seems that though tremendous time and money have poured into this political war but that doesn't mean it works out well on each side. What a waste.

January 12, 2012

Presidential Election 2012

In year 2000, when someone asked me how I thought about the presidential election and who was going to win the election, I said, "Two dogs strive for a bone, the third runs away with it." This year, is the same shit happening again? We will see.