June 26, 2013


Hope. Joy. Peace.

Alzheimer's has become a common disease among senior people. Anyone of us may suffer from it. When we have got it at first, we gradually forget who we are, and then don't recognize our family members. My grandmother died of this disease but she did not suffer too much from it.

Working overseas

Working Overseas

While working abroad, you are faced with people who speak different languages than you. You know their language, but you can't speak as well as they. So improving your language skills in the new language is very important.

The Christmas Tree decoration

The Christmas Tree Tradition

Frankly speaking, I had never erected a Xmas tree during Xmas while I was living in the US. I only put up some small electric lights to get into the spirit of Xmas. My home was too small to place a plastic tree in the living room.

Poor cellphone

Can you believe that? My two-month-old cellphone broke down. Damn it! Never trust a product which doesn't have an outstanding reputation. You get what you pay for. (If you do not pay much money for something, it is probably of poor quality.)

Giving a presentation in English

Giving a presentation in Chinese is easy for most of us; however, while giving a presentation in English we always get nervous. Being not proficient in using English is causing the problem. So, we should work harder on improving our English skills.