October 23, 2011

In dilemma

I am still between a rock and a hard place now. Two choices lie ahead... if I should take a dessert-making lesson or a teaching-Chinese-as-a- second-language course? The former one is just a time-killer, and the latter is a career plan for myself. Both sound important to me at the moment. You might question me about why I want to learn making desserts. My answer is "I don't know", but I just feel like doing it now. Hey, maybe one day I will become another Wu Bao Chun (吳寶春). You never know. Do you have any ideas on this? I would like to hear your views on this.

October 14, 2011

Thanks Chris

Chris showed up when my class came to an end toady at noon. He will be catching a flight to Australia this evening to get his working holiday trip started soon. I can't recall the first time I saw him, but it must be somewhere around more than six months ago. Over the past few months I have definitely seen tremendous improvement the has made on language learning. He is an earnest student to a fault and seems never to stop soaking up new words and phrases. So I hope he can keep the same attitude when he stays in the foreign country. Thanks Chris. I already read your letter and I really thank you for having taken my classes ever. Keep up the good work and BON VOYAGE!

October 06, 2011

Borrowing CDs from me

A new student would like to borrow from me the CDs for a listening course. I didn't feel comfortable while she was asking for them.

For one thing, because I don't know her. It was only her first time showing up in my class. If she were one of those returning students to my class like most of you, I would definitely lend the CDs. For another thing, making copies of the CDs surely violates the publication law, so the school always advises us not to lend CDs to students on any account. What I usually do is I will allow students to "borrow" the CDs home from me and return them to me later on. I don't know what the hell they will do with the CDs as long as they don't let me know.

The girl was a bit too straight and too forward for the first day in my class, so she really annoyed me this time.

October 05, 2011

To Ken and all my friends

Hey friends,

If you have any problems with English, don't hesitate to ask me. I am not Mr. Know-it all, but I will be glad to help you out. While there may be some questions taxing my brain as well, I am still willing to do the best I can to find  answers for you.

Here I would like to honor Ken, who is a very diligent and hard-studying person. Mr. Shiue seems never to stop asking me questions, whose manner of learning a language is very much appreciated by me. Thank you Ken. I know sometimes I disappoints you with my wrong answers to your questions, but I hope you can understand that we all make mistakes from time to time. OK, talk to you guys later.

Best wishes,

Albert Chang

October 01, 2011

To pass my time, I am thinking ...

October is here!! The fourth quarter of 2011 is on its way now. I just wrapped up a class on Friday night, which means that I can now pass my time by doing something fun. Hey ... how about learning how to make desserts? I am thinking if I get to learn to make stuff like this, then I can bring it to any of my classes and reward my students who answer my questions right. No more shit that goes like, "OK, now this is a hard question. I will buy anyone a drink if he or she can get the right answer." What has happened is, no one has ever got a drink from me yet. BECAUSE I AM A LIAR!! So, in any case, this idea sounds perfect to me. Please hold your breath now because I really mean it, guys. I am not kidding. Look forward to my desserts.