July 31, 2005

A boiling hot Sunday

The summer heat is killing everyone. Unwilling to pay the high electric bill if leaving the air condition on all day, I decided to get out of home and hit a place to cool off myself. Hmm... Hanging around at the underground shopping street at Taipei MRT main station wasn't a bad idea.

When we got there, we found a new shopping area that was just built and extended from the old ones. Compared to the existing shopping zones, the new one was meant to draw more high-class shoppers' attention. Me, a mediocre mid-class worker, is always excluded from their potential customer list. For me, picking up a Giodano's T-shirt is somewhat more meaningful than a name-brand garment in my mind.

Around four o'clock in the afternoon, the streets underground were being flooded by countless visitors. I didn't call them shoppers because I rarely saw many of them make a purchase there. They may be just like you and me: only to find shelter for the burning sunlight.

What do you folks do to avoid being melted?

July 27, 2005

My old Canon Camera

Believe it or not, I am still using my old Canon Camera for taking photos. It has been nine years old since we got it from one of my wife's friends as a present for our wedding. In Chinese community in the U.S., the newlyweds sometimes receive a wonderful gift from their invited guest other than getting the red envelope when getting married. I still remember it was given from Jasmine, whose parents are running a photoshop in Shalu, TaiZhong. It was broken once by accident after we brought it back to Taiwan. Fortunately, we could find a replacement part here in Taipei.

Days ago I found that the batteries in it were dead so I needed to buy a pair of new ones for it. When I checked out at the cashier. The salesman asked why I still used the traditional camera instead of a digital one. Apparently he was intending to sense any feasibility from me that I might look for a new camera. I told him this camera was still running very well and the pictures taken with this baby were still perfect. That is why I am so reluctant to retire it. I may keep it for another year or two until I will find an better one-- probably a 3-or-more-in-1 combo that come with PDA, cellphone, camera, and such and such.

July 20, 2005

July 19

For most of you, the day represents nothing but an extra day-off for the sake of the typhoon Haitang. It does mean a little different to me, however. I just past my thirty-seventh birthday many hours ago.

No celebration needed, as I insisted earlier to my wife. I told her the best way to celebrate it was shelling out nothing on it. Frankly speaking, I haven't had a birthday celebration for ages but I do enjoy the quietness when no one can remember it. As I declared my birthday in class this afternoon, my students all gave me a wishing look as a response. I think that was it.

Oh! I forgot to mention Prescilla. Thanks for the little piece of drawing you made for me. That is really a good present for my birthday. And of course, Iris and Dora, thanks for the wishes you said to me before the class ended tonight.

Well, the number "40" is not far behind. It's just a jump from 37, period.

July 14, 2005

Update notice

Hi there,
This letter is to inform you of the most updated sentences on my Website. They are from the materials I gave in my physical English class.



July 08, 2005

Marriage Proposal

My little beauty:

My Angel!

Do you still remember when we first met?
Do you still remember once I waited to see you back till midnight and how frustrated I was?
Do you still remember when we stayed overnight in the hotel and how embarrassing it was for the first time?
Do you still remember the first time we visited our own parents and the tension we felt?
Do you still remember where we made our first tour?
Do you still remember when we went to the apartment store to see my sister there?
Do you still remember when we went up to Taipei to see my best friends?
Do you still remember when we went to my grandpa's birthday party and how you felt about it?
Do you still remember when I attended your family gathering for the first time and how tense I was?
Do you still remember whenever I told you how much I love you?
Do you still remember we ever told each other how we are going to live our life for the days to come?

Everything still comes into view.

After all of these, do you agree if I qualify for being your better half now?
Should we say “we” more than other words now?

Are you ready to live a brand new life with me now?

Once we are married; however, I will probably snore every night making a loud noise. I may nag at you sometimes before you leave for work in the morning. I may ask you to save money when we are out shopping. I may be jealous of someone who gets too close to you. I may keep telling you over and over again about my life in a day. Would you care if I do all this to you?

I couldn't foretell my life in the future, because everyone's life is an unpredictable. So, I couldn't guarantee you a wealthy life since I don't have a loaded father. But I will try the best I can to make you happy and beloved of me. It will never be changed.

It is said that it's easy to fall in love with someone but hard to forever get along with. I always imagine how our marriage will be like. Actually, I should be somewhat anxious a bit, but I am still craving to live together with you. I wish to share your worry and pain, because you always make me calm and energized whenever you keep me company. All I can feel is comfort and happiness when being with you.

I wish to convert our love into the family affection that will be evolved with no more passion but true love and warmth. Would you?

Tolerance is the biggest issue as well as the most difficult task for the couples who want to live a happy life forever. We are going to take the challenge ourselves without anyone else's assistance. We must work everything out together and we will put up with each other with the confidence we always have. I will be always behind you, so will you be.

It's not a big deal if you don't know how to cook. That is OK if you have a hard time operating the washing machine. I wouldn't mind if you have just a little temper. I believe you, my smart and lovely girl, will sort things out and be improving with anything you learn. I love you honey.

I will bring you happiness; I will love you just the way I am, would you marry me sweet heart?

* He has successfully proposed to her days ago.

July 04, 2005

Shitoushan Scenic Park

"Shitou" in chinese means "Lion's head". The park where I paid a visit months ago goes by the name of "Shitoushan scenic park". It was named after its location on top hill looking like a lion's head based on my personal assumption.

The place used to be an off-limit area for the public in the old days while the society on the island was still controlled under the Chiang's regime. People, with permit only, could be allowed to enter it during the practice of the martial law. Meanwhile it was also a significant military stronghold for guarding the northern coastal area of Taiwan.
Since it was open to the public, countless tourist have visited this beautiful place and made a wonderful impression on it. Since it was ever C.K.S.'s "personal" park, the sights and facilities in the park have been well preserved. Sitting in the pavilion, You can overlook the ocean with the best angle. A pair of rocks called "Twin Candlerocks" project from the water and match the park itself with perfection.

It is such a wonderful point of interest to visit. To get there, all you have to do is just drive to Jinshan country of Taipei county and then follow the sign along the road. You can't miss it anyway.

July 01, 2005


It's summer again! What does summer mean to you? If you are still at school, it may be a good time to let go. I know you have undergone a very busy and stressful school life. Some of you may have known which high school/ university you have been accepted into. In that case, I shall say congratulations on your accomplishment on the test. If you haven't, be patient and I think you will have a good place to go. Don't get down if you screwed up on the test. One failure doesn't mean you are out of the picture. There is always next chance waiting.

For office workers, I think you might not have much different choice for the reason that you don't have any summer vacation. Just get on with what you are doing now in your office. Do something that makes your boss stand up and take notice of; I think it is a good idea when you climb up the corporate ladder.

For the one who always brings home the bacon: your kid will grow up a little, which means the responsibility on you is getting more and heavy. How to increase your income has been a critical issue now--they all need your financial support to help them get a better education and life. This is not the moment to think what a miserable life you have got. Instead, you should thank God that he has give you everything you need. But you need to find where they are hiding. Am I making any sense?

The temperature out is going higher and higher. Have you decided what you have to do in this summer?

let go 放鬆
undergo 經歷
Don't get down. 不要灰心
screw up 搞砸
out of the picture 出局
makes one stand up and take notice of 引人注意
climb up the corporate ladder 在公司向上爬升
brings home the bacon 負擔家計的人
make any sense 有意義