March 28, 2006

When dreams come true...

A very long while ago, my friend Scott passed on a Music CD to me. I could still remember what it looks like- a smaller size compact disc which comes with a special name, EP. I am not sure why people name it EP, but perhaps it is because of its 8 centimeters size that allows only one song to be included in it. Just a rough guess, though.

The single-song EP is featured by a renown Japanese music group "Dreams come true". I used to listen to some Japanese music before, but the song "Eyes to me" in this CD really touches my heart. Its melody is played in such a beautiful manner that you don't need to worry whether you understand its Japanese lyrics. In any case, it just don't stop me from appreciating this song. The female singer of this song definitely has a rhythm which makes me get into the spirit of it, making it a warm breeze blowing tenderly on my face.

Whenever I listened to this song, there always seemed to be a wonderful dream coming up in my mind. I kept this CD for a very long while until one day Scott asked me to give it back. Ahem! I wish I had got a CD burner then, so I would have made a copy of the CD. Does anyone here still keeps this song? Please let me know.

March 19, 2006

Facing the reality

I really don't want to be a harsh father for my son, but I have recently found that I just couldn't help it. Before he started school last year, I told myself that I would never be serious about his education. But the truth is, after his school started, I saw his test results gradually come in the sorry state. You know that made me feel uncomfortable and in the doldrums.

I feel like getting more and more grumpy because I have been dreading that he will fall behind his classmate in terms of his school studies. As a father with an impulsive character somehow, I think it goes without saying that I might have given him the long face up to the present day. Although he hadn't complained to me anything about my having a temper toward him, I can sense that he tries to avoid seeing me sometimes. I am so wondering what I should do next to him. I want him to be a happy learners without worrying too much about his school exams. But on the other hand, if he didn't study harder, his school grade would not only frustrate himself but also his old man.

"Impossible!" Tommi said to me, and he is the one student in my class. "Both your boy and you have to face the music now. In Taiwan, academic performance is above everything for the kids and parents. If you don't do well on every subject, you are out and the world will pass you by." How cruelly has he said that to me, but I should give him some credit. Here in Taiwan it is unlike the US where parents also encourage their children to do something they like beyond their school life. Instead, the education environment on this island based on examination-orientation seems to be still in existence despite the implementation of the education reform few years ago. It is getting more and more serious about kids under much more pressure by knowing the increasing number of cram schools year after year.

Whew...I told Tommi I felt like moving to the back country. He poured cold water over my plan in no time and warned me that would do nothing good to my son because he will lose his competence with others. "Living in Alishan (阿里山) is actually nothing but an impossible dream. Forget about the idea or you will get screwed over." However, he added in the end of the conversation, "Unless you move back to the US, you have to help your kid learn to survive well in this society. After all, Taiwan is different than any other countries across the world."

March 05, 2006

Picking callas

This Sunday was a sunny day and also ideal for a family outdoor. Without thinking too much, I decided to pay a visit to the Yangmingshan National Park again. I locked in the Zhuzihu area this time where not only can tourist like me check out the wonderful view of the calla fields, one will be able to try the local specialties in the vicinity at the mean time as well.

Calla, a.k.a. calla lily or water arum, is a greenish flower that can be found in temperate zone. It is suitable to grow such plant in Yanmingshan area for its long lasting mild weather the whole year round.

After having the lunch on site, we started our tour around several calla fields. It was quite a wide area where the fields were owned by different calla farmers.

We finally picked some callas for home decoration. The total came out to eight callas for one hundred NT dollars. Sounds a little expensive, but it really pays off to see the sight there.

March 02, 2006

Total Chaos

As usaul, I stepped into the entrance lobby of the school last night and got myself ready for the upcoming class. However, I sensed that there seemed to be something different more or less. I couldn't tell what it was but the air frozen in the room made me feel a bit uncomfortable.

The receptionist turned to me and started speaking in a surpsrising tone. She asked me why I was here becasue a new teacher would substitute for me for the class that I "used to" teach. Suddenly I felt like falling into a total confusion. Would I be no more the teacher for this class? Why hadn't anyone ever informed me of it? Standing next to her must be the new teacher who appeared to have a troubled look herself too. Well, things must have turned out in a embarrasing way now.

In no time, the receptionist picked up the phone and dialed the office where someone could help work this out. Few minutes later, she got off it and said to us in a smoother way. She explained to me that the new teacher would replace me from now on and my new class shcedule wouldn't take effect until next Wednesday. I was pretty sure about my new class schedule for next week, but no one ever kept me posted on the fact that I didn't have to teach the current class tonight-- for the last time... I supposed.

What became of me was that I had to take the MRT and train home. That was kind of fun when I became jobless for two hours last night. Anny, Stoney, Agnes, Daniel, Erica, John, and some other faces who I couldn't remember. Sorry about that folks, it was a total mix-up. I wish to catch you later if possible.