February 27, 2012

Gas Prices in Bay Area

Look at the prices of gasoline in California now. Back in summer 1992 when I was studying at University in Texas, the regular (87) gas was 99 cents per gallon. What a big difference between now and then!

Actually after the calculation, the price in California now is just the same as Taiwan ( 4.49 USD/ Gallon= 33.7 NTD/ Liter) What does that mean? We are paying the same price as Americans do, but their average  income is three times more than us. And CPC is claiming they are having deficits selling gasoline in Taiwan. What the heck!

February 26, 2012


I just heard a new technology coming out called "DOCK", which means that your can turn your smart phone into a notebook. How it functions is that when you put your cell onto a cradle/dock that connects to a monitor, the operating system that is already built in your cellphone will be activated. How smart and amazing it is. Maybe we can talk more about that later.

February 20, 2012

J-Lin's Impact

After reading this article, a question came out of my mind. People both in Taiwan and China all claim that J-Lin is their pride. However, I wonder how Lin thinks for himself? If he thinks he is 100% American, why we bother doing some stupid thing like this? Let's have a vote!

February 13, 2012

Look out!

Here is another joke about "look out". A Taiwanese went abroad to the US to further his study. As soon as he got there, he moved into an apartment living on the second floor. On the third floor lived an old American woman, who had a habit of putting her feet in a basin with warm water. One day after she did the same thing again, she opened the window and shouted "Look out!" because she was to pour the water out of the window. Hearing someone saying the phrase which he understood, without hesitation this poor Taiwanese guy popped his head out of the window and ...

February 04, 2012

Happy Lunar New Year

As most of you know, our great American teacher Jon took a nice trip to Green Island over the Lunar New Year vacation. One thing that amazed me was the video clip he made about this trip. Now I would like to share that with you and also remind you that there is such a wonderful place in country. Yes, the beautiful scenery is in Taiwan, not in other countries.