May 24, 2011

Busy guy

I have never been as busy as I am now. Monday through Thursday evenings, I have got training courses run at different companies. Other than that, my regular cram school classes need me to show up and teach at different sites during weekday mornings and every Friday evening. I also got to do some teaching jobs the whole day on Sunday. While being home, I need to check tons of students' writing assignments. Whatever stuff I am working at now, they all require very long period of time to prepare for, especially the hand-outs. But thank God, I still can spare a little time now to jot something down here at FB. I am still a blessed guy, I gather.

May 09, 2011


Our fifteen-year-old SONY TV had finally seen better days, so this late afternoon I took it to a recycling center near by. The lady in charge paid me one hundred NT as the amount this heavy guy with twenty-seven-inch screen is supposed to be worth now. It had kept us company for so many years. I first picked it up brand new for six hundred US dollars at "The Good Guys", a famous store for electrical products in San Francisco. When I moved to Fremont, it was still on the list for things that had to go with us. Even when I moved back to Taiwan, I still didn't leave it behind. It had broken a few times these years, but I could always find some help to have it repaired. It was on the fritz again the other day, but this time I made up my mind not to give it an overhaul any more; it was high time it took a long break. Hasta la vista, my friend. This sounds like a belated farewell to you because I forgot to do so as I took off of the recycling center. Gee... I even haven't got you a name yet. Pretty sad now.

May 02, 2011

Getting better in learning

Let me remind all of my dearest friends here: day after day, you are moving on your way toward being more fluent in English. If you find the articles you read have more unknown vocabulary than before, you should be proud of yourselves because you feel like not being satisfied any more with simple stuff only. You are on your way to the pursuit of more real stuff in English, that something makes you really touched other than the feeling of hitting the wall. Trust me, you will get much better from now on as long as you keep reading and listening.

On-line tax return in Taiwan

Tax filing in Taiwan is as easy as 123, compared to the annoying 1040 tax return. No need to get software like Quicken or stuff like that, whereas the government offers you a downloadable program for free. More surprisingly as you open it, you will learn that the most info about you, your spouse, and dependents has been preloaded. It also advises you on which deduction you should go by, either itemized or standardized. After reviewing everything that has been filled in all right, all you need to do next is click the "send" button. The whole thing takes about thirty minutes to get done. That really kicks some ass.