March 29, 2005

After-school center

Having been teaching at an after-school center for long in Taipei, I am getting more and more reluctant to work there any longer. In my view, kids can't help but stay there immediately following their school classes, because their parents can offer no time with them. They consequently end up there on a daily basis.
I have also noticed that a number of the teachers at the after-school centers are very impatient and strict with the kids. Generally speaking, their best solutions to stop the kids playing around or making noises is punishment. They often shout at the kids or even verbally criticize them with an insulting tone. I view this as an abnormal phenomenon in our education environment. I feel sorry but I can do nothing about it. If possible, I will never let my kids go to any after-school centers. Moreover, I will try taking care of my kid on my own.

after-school center 安親班
be reluctant to 勉強去...
can't help but + 原形Verb 不得不...
offer + (time) 空出時間
end up 結果造成
generally speaking 一般來說

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