March 21, 2005

People flood

Before last weekend, people wondered when the weather would become warmer for the reason that the cold weather had been lasting for many weeks. Fortunately, the temperature went high again all of a sudden over the weekend. So, I decided to take my family out on a short tour to Yangming mountain.
Not until we got there had we found out that there were so many people who got the same travel plan as we did. The whole park was flooded with tourists; it was even harder to move an inch at some spots. We decided to get out of there and kept driving down the Yangjing road toward Jingshan.
We had a great time right at the beach after arriving in Jingshan, but none of us dared play in the water because it still felt a little cold now. When we got back home, we ran into a terrible traffic-- the entire road was congested-- a bumper-to-bumper situation. It took us 2 hours to get home from there. What the heck.

for the reason that 因為
not until ..... had + subject + p.p 直到...才
be flooded with 被...所淹沒
dare + verb 敢去...
2) 車險的全險(從前保險桿保到後險桿, 不叫全險嗎?)
what the heck 搞什麼飛機

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