November 26, 2011

Bad performance

I think I did a terrible job at the substitute class I was covering earlier tonight. I feel so disappointed with my performance in class. Why I feet it this way is that I didn't do the best I can to help the students learn what they were supposed to learn. I shouldn't have wasted much of the time asking them to do the redundant practices. And what's more, the vocabulary list that I prepared became a distractor rather than a helper.

One more hing to mention here. A student called Linda came to me after the class was over. I thought she was about to complain to me about my lousy performance. Actually she didn't do that but told she pretty much liked my class instead. Was that a compliment or what? I was so confused on hearing that.

To sum up, I think I'd better come up with some better ideas to enhance my ways of teaching for class at this level. In any case, I wish to do better next time.


Thanksgiving? What is it? I don't sense anything like that here in Taiwan, not even a bit of it. Having received many Thanksgiving wishes from friends in the U.S., I feel sorry for my indifference towards this holiday because people don't give it a damn about it here.

November 22, 2011

Talking with Monica

If you haven't taken any of Monica's classes, you should now. Yesterday evening I had a small talk with her in the teacher's lounge along with another American teacher. Frankly speaking, I pretty much enjoyed talking with her. I could sense the strong energy coming out of her, as opposed to the Caucasian teacher, forgive me for not mentioning his name, who didn't have that much energy and confidence in speaking. Talking to her just made me feel like that I was back to the US, chatting with those local native Asian Americans again. Nice!

November 12, 2011

Helpful comments

I just read a student's comments at the website for ELITE's teachers. He/ She provides me with some suggestions about how to improve the quality of my grammar class. I feel so grateful for his/ her comments. I think I will be making some changes tomorrow based on his/ her ideas. Anyway, thank you so much though I don't know who you are.

November 11, 2011

This week

From Monday to Friday, the number of students coming to my classes at ELITE is only 29, which is extremely low attendance. I think the bad weather should the the blame.
A new course of mine will get started next Wednesday in the Science Park. I am getting hyper now. Can't wait to show up in class.

November 10, 2011

Coincidence of numbers

It's commonplace to see school students in Taiwan wear uniforms. Besides, they are required to have their schools' names and ID numbers embroidered on their jackets so that those who take care of the students' behavior, both on and off campus, can easily have the students in check. To certain degree, this may be able to stop some youth crime. Some people may not like it, but I think it's not a bad idea however.

I am not here to make any comments on its good or bad. I just want to tell you a coincidence that I found. My son's ID number shown on his Uniform is 100337. The first three letters "100" represents the ROC year, and the rest meaning that he is the 337th students registered at his school. Interestingly, my ID number back in elementary school is 3337. The first number "3" is short for the 63rd ROC year, equivalent to the year 1974. So... it's time for you to pick a lottery ticket now? 337 sounds good, huh?

November 08, 2011

A dream that may never come true.

I sent an email to my alma mater- asking for any chances to teach English there. Before I furthered my study abroad, I was a junior college student in Taipei. These years I have always been thinking about going back to my old school and helped those juniors with their English problems. I know there is only little chance for me to be employed, but I am still waiting for good news. Dream on, Albert.

November 03, 2011

Bye CQ.

CQ is flying to Australia to work and study there next week. She will follow her senior schoolmate, Chris Huang's step, and I am glad to hear her decision. When I asked her if she had got everything packed and ready to go, she gave me a unclear answer. She only reserved a hotel room for seven days on her arrival in Australia. And for the rest of her life there, she will go with her gut (跟著感覺走). What a brave girl! Maybe this way she can be taking more challenges and experiencing more. All I can say is, CQ, take good care of yourself, and remember to give an update of yourself by leaving lots of messages here, and photos too. I wish you a fabulous trip. Bon Voyage.