January 18, 2009

Oh, not another one, please.

I found a beagle on the sidewalk the other night as I was on my way to the bus station. In the first place, I thought it must have gotten lost, so all I did was just stand there to keep her company. I thought her owner would come back for her, but I was absolutely wrong. No one seemed to come pick her up. Then I started to realize that she might be a stray dog dumped by her heartless owner. Worrying that she might get hit by the cars or motorcycles she dodged, I decided to take her home first. Now I am in trouble, for I have already reared one dog, I really have hard time keeping another one. Will anyone like to keep a dog? Please let me know. Again, she is a beagle, known as the one with short legs and smooth fur, sometimes used in hunting. Send you email to me if interested. My email:

beagle 米格魯犬
sidewalk 人行道
in the first place 一開始
get lost 迷路, 走失
keep someone company 陪伴某人
absolutely 絕對
seem to 似乎
pick someone up 領某人走
realize 理解
stray dog 流浪狗
dump 拋棄
heartless 狠心的
dodge 躲避
for 因為
rear 飼養
known 大家知道的
fur 毛

January 13, 2009

Resolution of the New Year

I have told some friends of mine that starting this year I will try to contribute more writings to my blog. The problem is how I am going to squeeze words and phrases out out my brain, especially when English isn't my mother tongue. After thinking for a while, I came up with an easy solution- I will probably just avoid writing something too long. Usually I write within the range of 1000 words, which always takes me a long while to finish. If I cut them down to half or even less than that, I will have more of inspiration for the next one.

contribute 貢獻
squeeze 壓, 榨出
mother tongue 母語
came up with 想出
solution 解決方法
avoid 避免
range 範圍
long while 長時間
cut down 刪減
less than 少於
inspiration 靈感