March 14, 2007

A reply to David

Dear teacher,

Thank you so much for the Business English course. I am now reading English grammar by myself.

The textbook is "Tunghua Contemporary English Grammar". This book is intended for those Chinese learners of English who range in their background from the first year of senior high to the freshman level of college, said by the author.

It is difficult for me to read, because this book is written in English. But there are some sentence examples in each section. Please could you advice if it is suitable for me at this time frame?

Thanks and best regards,
Dear David,

I think every grammar book has its own advantages. Yours is no exception to that. However, reading a grammar book from the first page to the end will probably be the most boring thing do. I myself can not even achieve that. So, I would just suggest you use it as a reference book. Flip through the pages for clues before you are to write or say something, and don't just study the whole book because it won't badly help you improve your language proficiency that way.

Don't study hard, study smart.

Best regards,