July 20, 2012

2G phone

Dear my student,
Using a 2G cellphone is not a shame, nor a crime; it just tells you that how frugal this user is, just like me. Maybe I will be jumping to 4G one day, for 3G isn't appealing to me anymore. You'll see.
Your teacher

July 08, 2012

Lousy Grammar Book

I was handed from ELITE school a correction list for the new Grammar I textbook. Gee, I was so flabbergasted that the writer had made so many mistakes (four pages). On top of that, however, students from two classes of mine have already finished the lessons, and now I have no idea how to make up for them who have received some wrong grammar clips from me. I think I already commented on this doggone grammar book in the first place, and the school shouldn't have changed to this book. The die is cast, what can I say?