March 22, 2005

Broken this, broken that.

English learners in Taiwan always tend to tell foreigners that their English is "poor" and "broken". In my view, if they really think that's how they are in terms of learning a language, they will be like that forever. So, I will suggest them use a different expression, for instance, they can say "My English is functional, but not fluent yet." in place of saying "I can't speak English well" or "I am not good in English".
Don't sell yourselves short and be more self-assured.

in terms of 就...而言
functional 有起作用的
in place of 取代
don't sell oneself short 看輕自己
self-assured 自信


  1. Hi,Albert
    I went to Tour English tonight.The teacher never speak Chinese.I was so nervous.because,The teacher always asked me some question.If I don't know her question.I will smile at her.In my case,I think my personality is bashful and impulsive.Can I improve my English.


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  4. Come on Leo,
    Don't you think your have made a huge improvement on your English ability? Look at the article you wrote. It is so wonderful to see many good words and phrases you have accomplished. You are thinking too much and I am glad to hear that you have the nerve to try something you were afraid of trying; that is, taking the tourist English. It was not that hard, right? You will be getting on the up-and-up before you know it.

    up-and-up 越來越好
    before uyou know it 不知不覺中