March 25, 2005

Real-life stories

Yesterday afternoon we were sharing real-life stories form each one of us in the class. Some stories were fun, and some other were depressing or scary. My story was about how I met an important friend of mine who saved me from living from hand to mouth. If it hadn't been for Bruce's help, I wouldn't have been so luck being a teacher here. Leo told us one of his friends got a car accident and the guy who bumped into his friend's car tried to hit and run but his license plate number had been taken down. I forgot what Aileen had said about her story, but another story of hers couldn't stop me from laughing until now. On one Fool's day, she gift-wrapped a chocolate-like soap and gave it to her roommate. Her roommate happily accepted it and ate the "chocolate" with no doubt. You can imagine how had become of her. Emily told us a story about his pass-away grandpa returning home one day. That was a horrible one. As for Marsha, hmm.....She said she almost drowned many years ago when she was a little girl playing with her sister near a fishing pool.
Would you like to tell us your real-life story?

Real-life 真實的
live from hand to mouth 勉強糊口
if it weren't for + n. 要不是因為(現在事實相反)
if it hadn't been for + n. 要不是因為(過去事實相反)
hit and run 肇事逃逸
take down 記下
license plate number 車牌號碼


  1. Hi,Albert

    Richard try to share sth to you all >>
    I had lost A pal of mine when I served in NAVY Several years ago.That guy was injured and died during a drill because the damned rope broke .That's a terrible accident. We're not only Shocked by his dead but also lost a medal of honor that year.

  2. Men in Taiwan always have a lots of real-life stories about their military lives.

  3. Hi Albert:
    That is my family real-life story.Tonight,My mother told me about my cousin story.My cousin is 30 something years old,but he get cancer.It's terrible for me.I don't believe it.Because,I don't think he is over the hill.He have wife and 2 kids.Who can take care of them?So.......I would like to say everyone should watch out your health.It's very important.

  4. I can't agree with you enough, Leo.

  5. Albert
    what do you mean?I don't understand.

  6. I can't agree with you enough.

    You can also say,
    "I can't agree with you too much".