April 28, 2005

Tax Return

Filing the tax return has been a yearly routine for everyone on this island. From May 1 through May 31, most of the residents here, as long as they are the eligible tax payers, are obligated to work on their income tax and then file the tax return to the National Tax Bureau before the deadline.

On the tax form, the tax payers should indicate their taxable income, allowed deductions, exemptions, and the computed tax that is due. So the tax return is also as known as the income tax return.

One of the innovative ways to file the tax is to do it through Internet. Compared to the traditional method, paying tax on-line has saved us lots of time on getting the official form, filling out the form and sending the form over to NTB. Ideally, all we have to do is download and install the tax software from where it's available, follow the instructions on the program and click on the "send" button to upload our tax information to NTB, and then we are all set. However, for the sake of internet security, people who wish to pay tax on-line have to get the authentication from the government offices or certified banks to get themselves qualified to pay tax via Internet. This sounds a real hassle but I think we bare with it to safeguard ourselves.

tax return 所得稅申報書
file the tax/ tax return 報稅
routine 例行性
eligible 有資格的
be obligated to 義務的
income tax 所得稅
National Tax Bureau 國稅局
deadline 截止日
taxable income 可稅收入
allowed deductions 允許的減免
exemptions 免稅額
the computed tax 計算後的稅額
due 應繳的
innovative 革新的
compared to... 比較起...
on-line 線上
official form 官方/正式的表格
fill out 填寫
for the sake of 因為...的原因
security 安全
authentication 驗證

certified 授權
hassle 麻煩的事
bare with... 忍受
safeguard 保護

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