April 13, 2005

Reading and English

It will be such a pitty if you miss reading this artcle. Bruce is gonna tell us about reading and Englsh. I have to convert the file into html format due to its graphic content.
Please click on this link to see it.


  1. Reading is very important part for learning one language. Not only for learning English.
    People can understand more about this language via reading. Since I teach Chinese for Thai kids. I feel that "language" is kinda of habitus. For native people,they don't know what grammar. Just use their native language by natural way.
    For me,I start to read some English edition books from last year. I felt that my English improve a lot via this way. If you like English and wanna to improve your English. You can try to read some short article at begining. Actually,it's not so difficult to read English books. Just do it,you can make it!!

  2. Thanks for your comment. There are lots of different ways to improve our English. As a result, reading on a regular basis is no doubt an efficient one.

  3. Ther link is not working

  4. It is working. But you have to wait for a second before you can see the update.

  5. Ooops! I am sorry. Ana-chan, I thought you were saying that you couldn't see the comment you have posted.
    I guess you were just running into some toruble linking to Bruce's article. I tried it again and found no problem linking to the page. So, if you are still under the same situation, please let me know.