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April 12, 2005

Monkey will go to...

Today's lesson on Starter One at GV regarded the use of the preposition "on". Students must understand that when specifying a day of the week, they have to use "on" before the weekday. So, the "0n + weekday" becomes the preposition phrase that is to be used as an adverb to emphasize the verb:

I will go to see a movie on Sunday
The wedding is on Tuesday.

To make sure everyone understand how to use it, I asked each student to make a sentence right away. I wrote down the sentence pattern on the white board so they could refer to it easily. It was as follows:

I will + verb + on ______ .

Frankly, I didn't really expect today's class to be so hilarious, and it was all because of Jack's originality. When it was his turn to speak out his sentence, he went, "Monkey will go
to..#@$%.." I couldn't hear it right, so I asked him to repeat. Then he went, "I was trying to say 星期三, 猴子去爬山".

Oh, God. The whole class then roared into laughter.

So, the sentence should go "Monkey will go to climb the mountain on Wednesday.

regard 有關
preposition 介係詞
phrase 片語
specify 指定
emphasize 強調
sentence pattern 句型
refer to 參考
hilarious 好笑
originality 創意
roar into laughter 一陣大笑

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