April 26, 2005

Count my lucky stars

I was pretty in luck last week. First of all, Grace gave me a box of instant coffee that was made of the coffee trees in Yunglin county. This southern area of Taiwan has been known for its coffee production these days.

Also, I received another gift from Emma, a box of instant rice noodles, made in Xinzhu who is famous for its food industry on rice noodles. In practice, rice noodles are the most popular local specialty that would draw most of the tourists' attention when visiting Xinzhu.

Being a reader, you should be able to relate to my feeling why I like this teaching job so much. Getting the gifts from them, I felt that it doesn't matter with how expensive these gifts are but what does matter is the ideas that count. In a word, I can't thank them too much indeed.

There are more to it just than the gifts I got. My wife took part in an outdoor over the weekend held by her company. She was drawn out of the 4,000 participants to be one of the winner in a sweepstakes. As a result, she won a iPod that came with a mini stereo set.

Frankly speaking, shouldn't I count my lucky stars or what? Well, however, I feel like right now I am between a rock and a hard place, because I am not sure if I have to sell it or keep it? Hey! Don't give me that sour look. I can tell that you guys are jealous of me now. heehee.

count one's lucky stars 算某人走運
in luck 運氣好
be known for 以...出名
in practice 實際上
local specialty 特產
draw one's attention 吸引某人的注意
to relate to one's feeling 體會某人的感覺
the ideas/minds that count 心意
in a word 總而言之
there are more to it just than...比起....而更多
take part in 參加
outdoor 戶外活動
sweepstakes 抽獎
as a result 結果
between a rock and a hard place 進退兩難
sour look 酸葡萄的表情
be jealous of 忌妒

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