Quotation of the Day

April 15, 2005

I was so close to 101.

Having all the time in the world on every Tuesday and Thursday, I scheduled in a meeting with my friend Bruce in Taipei on some Tuesday afternoon. We decided to meet each other at the Taipei 101, the highest skyscraper in the world.
For the first time being so close to the building. I was totally impressed by its height and spectacular look. I saw many tourist from the world over flooding into the building. They would like to take the high-speed elevator to go on top of it. Neither a thrill seeker nor a guy loaded with money, I prefer staying on the lower levels and just looking around down the shopping mall area. The mall was huge and filled with an assortment of stores, such as restaurants, boutiques, fashion shops, and bookstores so as to meet every visitor's need. To sum up, Taipei 101 is the place worth paying a visit to.

have all the time in the world 時間很多
schedule in 安排
skyscraper 摩天大樓
spectacular 壯觀的
flood into 湧入
neither...nor 既不...也不
thrill seeker 尋求刺激的人
be loaded with money 有錢
an assortment of 多樣的
to sum up 結論


  1. That sounds like an awesome experience, thanks for sharing it.

  2. hey, welcome to visit Taipei some time.