April 09, 2005

Credit card debt

Credit card is also known as the "debt card" or "charge card", meaning that every time when people are in the market of something and pay for it by swiping a credit card, they start owing money to the credit card company. Some people even max out their credit limit and contribute to their financial ruin, which we call the "over-consumption problems". Though we couldn't go one day without buying anything, being a shopping addict doesn't do any good to us. Just be warned!

debt 債
charge 奢帳

in the market of 購買
swipe a card 刷卡
max out the credit 信用刷爆
contribute 導致
financial ruin 財務破產
over-consumption 過度消費
go one day 逛一天街
shopping addict 購物狂
something doesn't do good to someone 對....沒好處
just be warned 算是警告過你了

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  1. I agree with this article because it's true.