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April 05, 2005

Web site revision

Dear friends,
I have made the second revision on my Website. The major changes include its title which has been changed from "Albert@Y17 to "Albert's Showcase". In the "About Albert" section, I made a detailed description of who I am, what I am doing and things like that, which is worth finding some time to take a look at. I also created a new page called Albert@Y17, to introduce as well as to promote my classes available at Y17. So, please tell everyone around you about me and my new courses. I have also founded on the Web site the "Daily Leaning" where I put words and phrases derived from my daily physical classes. I hope this will work best for you. For other good stuff, why don't you just explore them on your own, and your feedback is very important to me. Go ahead and have fun surfing my Web site. Let's hit the road now.

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