Quotation of the Day

April 18, 2005

Fall into his arms again.

I have a friend, let's call him Z.G., came back to Taipei the other day. What he has surprised me in the first place is, I never expected to see him here in the city, because he has been living in America for a fairly long period of time with his family. The second shock is, I just heard it straight from the horse's mouth that he is getting married. His wife to-be is nobody else but one of his ex-girls. I used to see him go steady with different ones in the old days, but this one is too magic to believe. What else could I call it in stead of a miracle? Well, at least we should be happy for them because she falls into his arms again. Now I do believe that one's destiny does exist.

in the first place 一開始
hear something from the horse's mouth 第一手消息
someone to-be 即將為...的人
go steady with someone 與...交往
fall into one's arms 投入...的懷抱
destiny 命運

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