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May 03, 2005

One celebrity's death

Most of the people here must know this person. He used to be one of the most popular comedians who ever performed his variety shows on different TV channels. In his late twenties, he started off his career as a singer; until now the mid-aged can still remember his record album released during early 1980's. He tried to transform himself into a new identity soon after he became famous-- a comedian. No matter what he had been, his astonishing performance always impressed everyone who knew him. Being a has-been, he ever tried to run for the congressman but failed during the election. There always seemed to be up and down in his life, but he always made a comeback as he never gave up on anything. Unfortunately, we read of late that he committed suicide by hanging himself to death. We badly regret that the audience like you and me will never have the chance to watch his show any more.

celebrity 名人
comedian 喜劇演員
perform 表演
variety show 綜藝節目
start off 開始
mid-aged 中年
transform 轉換
record album 唱片專輯
identity 身分
has-been 過氣的人
run for 競選
up and down 起伏
comeback 恢復, 東山再起
commit suicide 自殺

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