April 06, 2005

Lucky Taipei people

I read recently that people who live in Tokyo must spend more than one hour and half getting out of the metropolitan to head over for some scenic places during their day-off. Unlike people in Tokyo, there are many good points of interest that are just near the city of Taipei; Yangming Shan, Danshui, Bali, Muzha, and just to name a few.

I went to Xianjiyan in Jingmei this Tuesday as it was the tomb sweeping day for our loved ones who are 6-feet under. While I was hiking down the trail in the hill overlooking the view of southern Taipei, I felt how lucky people living in Taipei are. It being the capital of the island, the residents here are able to obtain the best interest of everything from the government that includes the most education resources, the numerous parks available, the cleanest streets, the most convenient transportation on the island and so and so forth . That is no wonder people would like to settle down here though the living expense is at such a high level.

head over to= go over to 前往
day-off 休假
point of interest 景點
just to name a few 舉幾個名字來說
tomb sweeping day 掃墓日
6-feet under 埋在地底下
hiking down the trail 在步道上走
overlook 俯瞰
so and so forth 等等
living expense 生活費用

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