January 21, 2006

Year-end wishes

The winter break is on for most of the students here. It seems reasonable to presume that more people would come to learn English during the vacation, so that I may get a bit busier than now. To my life it has been a smooth running for the last year.

In the middle of 2005 I stopped my instructions on Saturdays in Xinzhu with the view to spending more time with my family for the weekend time. I had also accepted a new TOEFL class and got contracted with the cram school to teach office employees on site, which is a good news to me because I believe these rewarding experiences will pay off in the near future.

I took part in the GEPT high-intermediate level a month ago because I think having a license or certificate for one's job could be a guarantee of their skills. Since we can't easily judge peoples' capability only by their appearance, a certified paper to prove one's excellence in his/ her field of expertise may come in handy. This concept applies to me as well.

Before the year of chicken is wrapped up, I just want to say something to cheer everyone up. If you have been out of luck the whole year, don't look back but think positively that all the crap will all be gone soon. Start planning on your new life for the year to come. Eating less meat but more vegetables will do good to your health. Take doing exercises into a routine is the key to success. In any case, I wish you a wonderful year of dog.

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