January 18, 2006

A letter to an old friend of mine

Hey Dan*,

How is everything going with your life? Good to hear that you still stick to your job since I know it is getting harder to eke out a living in the US. These days lots of Taiwnaese moved back home or some even seek job opportunities in Mainland. I think you are the blessed one and you attribute your calm and peaceful life to your belief in God, aren't you?

It has been alomost five years since we moved back form the US. Our son is in the first grade in the elementary now, so that we are baring much more pressure and responsibilities on ourselves than ever.

When you get back to visit your parents here in the near future, don't forget to drop by our place. Just keep me informed before you set out your trip. Please also say hi for me to your wife and adorable kid.

Best regards,

Albert Chang

*Dan is not his real name. He is my friend back in college in Taiwan. Now he's living in Washington state.

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