January 23, 2006

A hacked digit

I laid my eyes on a magazine story which indeed grossed me out. One guy bought a pint of frozen chocolate custard one day at a restaurant's drive-through lane somewhere in the U.S.. When he popped it in his mouth, he found a piece of severed finger in it. In the first place he thought it might be some candy put in as a bonus , but as he washed it off he could 't believe what he saw but screaming his head off.

The finger belonged to one of the restaurant employees who accidentally lost his finger when working in the kitchen. I think this must be way too crazy because I can't figure out why they could let this happen. They should have found the finger before it was scooped up from the bucket where his finger dropped.

In this respect,I think that poor customer would have a good case against this restaurant with his lawyer. He may win a big moolah eventually. As luck would have it, what can I say?

hacked 斷掉的
digit 手指
laid one's eyes on something 注視某物
gross someone out 使某人噁心
pint 品脫(單位)
custard 布丁蛋糕

drive-through lane 得來速車道
popped something in something 把某物放入某物
severed 斷掉的
screaming one's head off 大聲尖叫
scoop up something 舀起某物
have a case against someone/ something 與某人或某物打官司
As luck would have it 就這麼巧

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