January 10, 2006

My E-commerce-oriented blog

Recently I have found many people doing e-business and it is like a win-some, loose-some game. You can either pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into building an on-line store that comes with fancy looking Web pages, an user-friendly interface, and also with a fully data-driven server-side support on your Web store, or just spend few bucks creating a single Web page asking people to put an ad on the frontpage of you Web site. The money can be easily burn in a snap, or you make much more than you expected. (A Million Dollar Homepage)

To catch the trend of doing business on the Internet. I have made a blog by the name of Taiwan Only, which is to introduce special things about Taiwan in foreigners' angle. Your contributions are needed if you could tell what are the unique and special things that can only be found on this island. So far, I have spent no money making this guy, but who knows it may become another a million dollar home page one day. I am telling you.

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