January 16, 2006

Gift for daddy

Though Father's day is still far behind, I am actually thinking what we can get him in advance of that day already. In Taiwan, father's day falls on August 8, which lives up to its sound "Ba-Ba" in Chinese Mandarin. Generally speaking, it is a little hard to think about what we can get our father on Father's day. Partly it is because in our society, our father usually plays the role as a person in our family with "a long face", "an indifferent look", "harshness in mind", "stubbornness", and such and such the "code names".

Another reason for that is usually what some fathers really want is sometimes out of our price range. They always go for expensive stuff like golf clubs, lap-top computer, car, or even some antiques in a darned steep price which we can't afford to get at.

On the other hand, we may think about arranging something that he would enjoys. If our dad has a sweet tooth, then it won't be a bad idea to buy him a variety of chocolates for a surprise. Another worthwhile idea is taking him out for a short trip to a place he longs for going. With the whole family's company, he shouldn't be less than satisfaction.

In any case, it really is to his own in terms of our fathers' liking. It is still early to prepare anything for them however, but don't tax your brain too much if you can't think of anything for him. It's just the thought that counts, right?

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