January 03, 2006

I've got everything.

At times I feel like the luckiest person in the world. Thinking back to what happened to me in my life, it seemed that I have hardly encountered any "big" trouble. Although as I was little, some always tried to give me a hard time to put my life in jeopardy. They punched me or even slapped across my face. At the time, I thought I must be the one with the worst destiny on earth.

As time goes by, I have forgotten what they did to me. In fact I would like to thank them on the other hand. Without their abuse, I wouldn't have become so even-tempered a man. I learned how to suck the hardship into myself. I was also able to confront and resolve the problems with patience and endurance. Everthing turned out to be fine eventually.

I thank God for giving me a wonderful family, a decent job and salary. There seems to be nothing more I can ask of God. As long as I understand I have got everything enough, I will never suffer from being not enough.

Know who you are and why you are here. Nothing of you will be insuffient.

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