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January 27, 2006

Happy Chinese New Year

In about a day, we will have to bid farewell to the year of chicken but welcome the arrival of dog year.

Recently I have received many gifts from friends of mine. First, Lulu the eldest student in my class got my son a toy racing car that came with a remote control. Nina brought lots of candy to the class and shared them with me as well as others. She also gave me the local specialties she purchased on her trip. Stoney gave me a bottle of wine which was made by his company. Anny also bought my son the game he liked. On Thursday, Frank, the optician, invited me to pay a visit to his store because he said he wanted to clean my glasses free of charge. When I got to his store, he showed me around and eventually passes me two bags of candy. Oh! dear. They looked so delicious to me. Have I forgot anyone here? How about those who haven't got me any thing yet???!!! Hey, no sweat, I am kidding you. Hint! Hint. Actually your attendance to my class has been the best gift for me already.

Last but not least, may the following year be the best one you've ever had. Happy Chinese New Year!!

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