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September 28, 2005

Poem Reading #4

Dear all,

I found that you can gradually read those poems smoothly. Remember, knowing how to pronounce those sounds is not enough; you must do. Please see the following:

- Hui Ping

With good basics, sweet and clear voice, Hui Ping sounds like a pleasing teacher. Good interpretation.

- Yao Hwan

A bit nervous; voice quality good. A few mispronounced words that can be easily improved.

- Michelle

Knows how to take her time to get into the reading. Assertive. There are highs and lows, and there is life.

- Nancy

Voice shaking. Admirable courage nevertheless. Emotional poem reading.

Many people are nervous when standing on stage reading poems. It’s plain to me that they will do a much better job if given a second chance. The first time is often the most difficult. It will be easier to do the same thing in the future.


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