September 05, 2005

Be a star

Leon is a student of mine and he told me that he once went to an audition held by a modeling agency for being a runway model. He eventually failed it and lost the chance to get parts in that line of work. But, he said he might not want to give it another shot because he will be joining in the army next month or two.

Another case regards Klein who is also my student in another class. Compared to Leon, this young man is more craving to become a star, and he is more like a singer material. He has a good-looking face, playing music instruments in his free time, even attending the school that specializes in training people to break into the record industry.

You could be in luck if a scout found you on the street asking for your a head shot. It could end up being be a scam to you so you would be required to pay for an expensive portfolio of photos or there would be some hidden fees. Whatsoever, there are hundreds of ways you can do to get ahead in your life. Go for anything you want, and I hope everything you are doing will pan out.

modeling agency 模特兒經紀
runway model 伸展台模特兒
get parts in 加入
be craving to 渴望去...
singer material 歌者的料
specializes in 專長於
break into the record industry 打入唱片界
scout 星探
head shot 大頭照
end up 結果變成
scam 騙局
hidden fees 隱藏費用
get ahead 出頭
pan out 成功

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