Quotation of the Day

September 16, 2005

Our new guest writer

I am now to make a significant announcemnet for this BLOG. It is my great honor to invite an acquaintance of mine, Mr. Steve Pan, to be the guest writer of our BLOG here. Steve used to work together with me in the same company in Fremont, California. He has been working there for several years and has become the most dependable and diligent hard worker in this company. Due to his great performance and excellent writing skills, I wrote a letter to him the other day asking him to spare his busy time and do some writings for us. Therefore, we can sooner or later get to know what an American people's life like Steve's is really going on. Does this sound great to you all?

We are so keen on sharing his precious experience in the U.S. with us. Back to you! Steve.


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  2. Great to know this renovation!Besides,how about your new curriculum ? I hope to take it even I don't plan on that exam.

  3. Thanks for you comment. The new curriculum I am running is ok to handle. The content of TOFEL exam is much harder than any other English tests. Thus I have to do lots of preparation before the class.
    Leave your name here next time so I can know hwo you are please.