September 12, 2005

Poem Reading #2 -- by Bruce Lin

English pronunciation is something from another world – new rules or movements for your lips. All we need is time and consistency to get used to those few new rules and it does not take hard work. You can’t alter your way to pronounce overnight, but you can improve if you spend a few minutes practicing every day

I hope we can use poem reading to understand that English conversation is not as hard as we thought. I want to remind you again that when you practice, read those words or sounds slowly. The following are my suggestions on their readings of the second poem, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings:

-- Kuo Yao

Kuo Yao read very well. There were a few tiny flaws (mispronounce some consonants or vowels) but mostly he got the gist; he can correct himself if he reads often. In other words, his word pronunciation was clear, and it’s time to add life to the poem.

-- Chen Chien

Maybe Chen Chien was very busy. He did not practice frequent enough. Remember, only 10 minutes a day. The course is almost useless if one does not have out-of-class practice. The only way to read well is read more. Developing a good relationship with a language takes time. Give English a chance, and also give ourselves a chance.

-- Chieh Chung

Chieh Chung was pretty good. His voice and English was clear. The pace was good. Good intimacy with the poem. But I don’t know why he was gradually turning down his voice through the reading. No need to do so.



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