Quotation of the Day

September 10, 2005

He's got a promotion.

One of my friends in the US sent me an email telling all his friends that he had got a promotion. Let's see how he expresses his feeling about it.

Hi all:

I would like to announce a great news to you all... last Friday at 6pm I got a generational promotion. I have been given a lifelong position that requires continuous commitment and should expect no rewards. This lifetime long membership also requires 24/7 attention and devotion.

It is not a paid position. In fact, I just realized it costs me quite a lot. Plus, there is no "team" member for me to lead, only orders to follow ...

Wait a minute, this is a demotion! Attached you will find my new boss Jeremy's pictures. He is very little but very mean. When he screams, you'd think your eardrum would break!



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